Cloud Heist

3D Space Shooter.

The first game project done in the second year at the game assembly.


​Most back-end rendering systems, some highlights:

  • Instanced Rendering
    Data for each instance stored in a const buffer in which an array
    is indexed with the instance id.

  • Multi-pass Post-processing
    A post-process pass can use up to eight resource passes where heavier work such as blurring can be done at a lower resolution. These resource passes can then be read from in a final fullscreen pass.
    The system allows for layering of effects by providing the output of the previous post-process pass to the current one.
    It can be seen in the game in the form of radial blur, god rays and bloom.

  • Particle System
    CPU-based system with particles stored in vertices of which are "converted" to quads in a geometry shader.